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A Flood in the Lawn

Kris Kessler

The summer was so hot and dry but now we are seeing lots of rain over here. In fact it may start to seem like too MUCH rain, even the grass is getting soggy and springy when you step on it. How do you continue to take care of your lawn even when it no longer looks like a lawn, but a small lake?



Waterlogging is when the water stays on the surface instead of draining. This can cause the roots to drown when they dont get any air. 

A solution is to spike or slit a lawn. The holes will allow the water to flow down deeper instead of sitting on the surface. 

Stagnant water

Stagnant water- just think of a swampy area with still water lying in pools, insects everywhere, and an unpleasant smell from the water. Probably NOT your dream lawn. After all, who wants what is essentially a hotel for mosquitoes in your backyard?

One way to get rid of that is to do drainage. You can lay some simple pipe work or even a small pathway. The pathway serves dual purposes of drainage and it will keep you from compacting the grass when you walk on it. 

A dry creek bed

A dry creek bed is an excellent solution for too much rain. It collects the runoff water and channels it away from your grass AND it looks very lovely, too. With some ornamental flowers and shrubs around it, it easily looks like a high quality landscape project.

Some more hints to keep your grass healthy during the wet spell include:

Stay off the grass. If you walk in the wet grass, you will compact it, and that leads to areas of grass flooding under your feet.

Don't mow till it is totally dry. Mowing under wet conditions will leave ruts in your lawn, and the grass will cut unevenly.