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Plants For Gardeners With Black Thumbs

Kris Kessler

The Best Plants for Your Garden:


So…you want to plant a flower garden, maybe a decorative flower bed or something of the sort. If you are at all like me, your first impulse will be to go to a nearby nursery, stroll the aisles and grab anything that catches your eye (orchids, maidenhair ferns, azaleas….). Then you go home, get your flowers planted and whoosh, they’re dead. You just spent a lot of money and now your flowers succumbed to Congo Spotted Jungle Rot, or something of the sort. Well I am going to save you a lot of hassle and tell you the best plants I know of that are fairly hardy and that won’t die on you. Unless, that is, you do something terribly horrible, and I have faith in you that you won’t.


Double Knockout Rose:

These are quite hardy and also very beautiful. Unlike regular roses, they are remarkably simple and require very little effort on your part.

Knockout Rose

Knockout Rose





I love these. Daylilies are some of my favorites, and they pretty much look good anywhere. They are able to tolerate both drought and frost, which as you know, is absolutely essential in our Kansas climate.



These will add something special to your garden. They come in plenty of different colors and varieties. Bonus: they attract butterflies!

Purple Saliva

Purple Saliva




Hydrangeas are lovely, old-fashioned beauties that look well anywhere. They require some attention, but will reward you with beautiful blooms.



Very hardy plants that are also quite attractive; with pink frilled flowers and, in many varieties, a sweet spicy scent.






There are just a few for starters! Have fun gardening!


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