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Who's Excited for Fall?? (ME!)

Kris Kessler

Hey everyone! I've got some news for you- it's August! Which means- its almost September....which means its almost fall! And I'm really excited about fall this year, which is strange for me. Usually I am not really a fall person. I'm all for summer and spring and warm weather. But this year I feel tired of heat and I often find myself thinking of cool weather and harvest season, bonfires, apple cider, hay wagon rides, leaves of a million different colors, big cozy sweaters, pumpkin carving ......i think you get my drift. 
Of course, your lawn has a part to play in fall also. It feels just as worn out and tired of heat and dryness as I do, poor thing. And while my solution to that may be a pumpkin spice latte, your lawn's solution is much more likely to be overseeding.
Fall is the best time to seed your lawn because there are less weeds and it is warm enough to grow with having the extreme heat of summer. 
Overseeding is a great way to introduce new and healthy grass into your existing yard.
Homeowners often steer away from seeding and sod jobs because they dislike having live with the huge and unsightly mess it creates. With overseeding, you don't have that problem. Overseeding is an inexpensive way to replace old grass and put in new without tearing up your entire yard.
It will thicken up your thin grass, fill in those embarrassing bare spots. and improve your lawn's color. You can also introduce better genetics of grass into your yard.
Introducing new and stronger varieties of grass will help it withstand heat, insects, drought, and diseases. Plus, your lawn will never have looked better!