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The Benefits of Landscaping (Trust me, there's a lot)

Kris Kessler

The Benefits of Landscaping
I’m going to point out something completely obvious to you: landscaping makes your lawn 100% more attractive. No one can deny it, and the statistics even show that having landscaping around your house can improve its value immensely.
Some landscaping ideas and their pluses include:
Outdoor lighting.
 -not only does it highlight your beautiful home, but it also protects against slips and falls AND discourages burglaries.
-Keeps visitors off your grass, and prevents your grass from being worn down by people tromping across your yard. Also, it put out a welcoming look- a bit like a red carpet being laid down for your guests.
Fire pits and paved areas-
Now here is a way to relax in style. You can have your supper outside without many of the annoyances that eating outside usually has. No chiggers, for instance. And you can sit cozily around the fire, singing and telling stories until the wee hours. Comfortable and useful. Now who’s winning? 
 Retaining walls-
Retaining walls prevent erosion and do away with the eyesore of having huge piles of dirt around your house. 

Flower beds-

Good grief, I don’t think that I have to explain this one. Flowers are wonderful, beds are marvelous and together they are unbeatable.

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A flower  bed  :)

A flower bed  :)

A job done by Maplewood

A job done by Maplewood