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Kris Kessler


Sure, you could haul out that old push mower, and mow your lawn with that, but is that really what you want to do? Equipment costs can get very expensive, as a mower needs tons of upkeep (trust us. We know.)  Is it worth it to spend thousands a year on keeping your personal lawn equipment up to date? Just for example- you need to sharpen the blades, buy gas, change the oil, do mechanical work, and a whole lot of other expenses that make me sad to write about.


Our lawn care guys mow- well, a lot. Thousands and thousands of yards a year. They know better than anyone how much the grass should be mowed, at what height it looks the best, and what those ruts in your yard are from (mowing too many times in the same direction, instead of rotating the stripe’s direction every time).  They can see that you have a weed type growing and report it to our spraying specialist, who can then talk to you about those dandelions in your yard.



There is a quote- “It’s not about ‘having’ time. It’s about making time.”  Just take a little time to think about all the hours you have spent mowing your lawn. Probably hundreds of hours, right? Hundreds of hours when you could have been playing with your grandkids, reading good books, eating peppermint ice cream (try it sometime. Scrummylumptious.), camping in the mountains, rebuilding an old car, road-tripping with friends, and generally enjoying yourself and making memories. It’s not too late to MAKE some time for yourself and spend that time doing things you actually enjoy.

Yours through good grass and bad,



p.s. The best place to get peppermint ice cream is at Dairy Queen. However, alas and alack, they only make it doing the holiday season. I’m thinking of taking up a petition to have them make it all year round……..