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Kris Kessler

Summertime! It's time to pull out the camping chairs, make the slushes, and have the whole neighborhood over for a big barbecue on your lawn, which of course is soft, velvety, and emerald green. Or not. Because this summer is looking like it's going to be very hot and dry, and your lawn is going to need a lot of water to make it through the summer and still look nice. Of course, as with everything, there is more than one solution. You could go water by hand out in the scorching heat, but that's no fun. Would you enjoy watering by hand in 100% humidity? No. Would your doctor approve of you possibly getting sunstroke and collapsing in the heat? No. Would your lawn take to being watered by hand? No. 
 Watering by hand can be risky, because no matter how hard you try, you tend to water unevenly. There will be spongy, boggy places with an overflow of water, and places where you did not water enough. 
 Another problem is water wasting (and we all know how expensive water is these days). With an irrigation system, you can set the timer for a certain amount of watering each day/week. YOu can adjust the irrigation system so that it avoids putting unnecessary water on sidewalks and driveways. We all love our concrete, but it doesn't need water.
 Also, you save a lot of time by letting us take care of your lawn. You could simply be relaxing on the weekend with an icy lemonade, while your lawn waters itself. Really, how could you resist? :) 

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P.S. 2   I know some realllly good slush/lemonade recipes. I'm willing to share! :)