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Winter is Here....With Ice and Snow

Kris Kessler

There are a lot of people that like winter the best of all the seasons. After all, it has pretty snow, and Christmas, and fun sports like sledding, ice-skating, hockey.......but sadly, it's not all fun and games.

The most dangerous thing about winter, to many people, is the ice. Extreme cold can cause large patches of ice that stay around for weeks, refusing to melt. Everyone has at some time fallen down on the ice. Accidents happen quickly when you find yourself falling to the hard ground, your feet knocked out from under you. Broken wrists, concussions, and fractured bones are quite common in that situation.  


Much as no one likes the idea of breaking one or more bones, you can't very well stay inside for the whole winter. The best solution is to hire someone to spread salt on your drive or sidewalks. The salt melts the ice and greatly reduces the risk of falling. 

Be sure to have a safe winter!

Merry Christmas, 

Maplewood Lawn and Landscape