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Winter is Here....With Ice and Snow

Kris Kessler

There are a lot of people that like winter the best of all the seasons. After all, it has pretty snow, and Christmas, and fun sports like sledding, ice-skating, hockey.......but sadly, it's not all fun and games.

The most dangerous thing about winter, to many people, is the ice. Extreme cold can cause large patches of ice that stay around for weeks, refusing to melt. Everyone has at some time fallen down on the ice. Accidents happen quickly when you find yourself falling to the hard ground, your feet knocked out from under you. Broken wrists, concussions, and fractured bones are quite common in that situation.  


Much as no one likes the idea of breaking one or more bones, you can't very well stay inside for the whole winter. The best solution is to hire someone to spread salt on your drive or sidewalks. The salt melts the ice and greatly reduces the risk of falling. 

Be sure to have a safe winter!

Merry Christmas, 

Maplewood Lawn and Landscape

A Flood in the Lawn

Kris Kessler

The summer was so hot and dry but now we are seeing lots of rain over here. In fact it may start to seem like too MUCH rain, even the grass is getting soggy and springy when you step on it. How do you continue to take care of your lawn even when it no longer looks like a lawn, but a small lake?



Waterlogging is when the water stays on the surface instead of draining. This can cause the roots to drown when they dont get any air. 

A solution is to spike or slit a lawn. The holes will allow the water to flow down deeper instead of sitting on the surface. 

Stagnant water

Stagnant water- just think of a swampy area with still water lying in pools, insects everywhere, and an unpleasant smell from the water. Probably NOT your dream lawn. After all, who wants what is essentially a hotel for mosquitoes in your backyard?

One way to get rid of that is to do drainage. You can lay some simple pipe work or even a small pathway. The pathway serves dual purposes of drainage and it will keep you from compacting the grass when you walk on it. 

A dry creek bed

A dry creek bed is an excellent solution for too much rain. It collects the runoff water and channels it away from your grass AND it looks very lovely, too. With some ornamental flowers and shrubs around it, it easily looks like a high quality landscape project.

Some more hints to keep your grass healthy during the wet spell include:

Stay off the grass. If you walk in the wet grass, you will compact it, and that leads to areas of grass flooding under your feet.

Don't mow till it is totally dry. Mowing under wet conditions will leave ruts in your lawn, and the grass will cut unevenly.

Preparing For Winter

Kris Kessler

There is one thing that we need to get straight here- winter is going to have effects on your lawn no matter what you do. However, you can prepare for it, and lesson the damage considerably.

Help your lawn get through the worst of the winter storms and freezes by going over this checklist here:

To Leaf or Not to Leaf

Leaving your leaves to lie on the lawn would be a bad idea in this case. Your leaves might suffocate the grass if they are in thick enough piles and leave large bare spots in your lawn. The best idea is to to "grasscycle" your leaves, which is a process of shredding them and putting them back on your lawn. In their shredded state they will not harm your lawn, but will actually add nutrients to it.

The Moldy Question

If the winter drags on and humidity is high, you might want to consider this: should you keep mowing your lawn? If you do not mow your lawn, you may have to deal with pink and gray mold spots. Mowing your lawn will keep the snow mold from thriving on your grass.

A Fertilizing Memo

A fertilization right before the first frost is like an immune shot for someone going into flu season. The fertilization will keep it healthy and strong throughout the winter, as long as you choose a product high in phosphorous, an essential product for root growth.

A Patch in Time

Fall is an excellent time to fix any bare spots that your lawn collected over the summer. Seeding is a relatively easy thing to do, and will repair the bare spots with minimum fuss.


Who's Excited for Fall?? (ME!)

Kris Kessler

Hey everyone! I've got some news for you- it's August! Which means- its almost September....which means its almost fall! And I'm really excited about fall this year, which is strange for me. Usually I am not really a fall person. I'm all for summer and spring and warm weather. But this year I feel tired of heat and I often find myself thinking of cool weather and harvest season, bonfires, apple cider, hay wagon rides, leaves of a million different colors, big cozy sweaters, pumpkin carving ......i think you get my drift. 
Of course, your lawn has a part to play in fall also. It feels just as worn out and tired of heat and dryness as I do, poor thing. And while my solution to that may be a pumpkin spice latte, your lawn's solution is much more likely to be overseeding.
Fall is the best time to seed your lawn because there are less weeds and it is warm enough to grow with having the extreme heat of summer. 
Overseeding is a great way to introduce new and healthy grass into your existing yard.
Homeowners often steer away from seeding and sod jobs because they dislike having live with the huge and unsightly mess it creates. With overseeding, you don't have that problem. Overseeding is an inexpensive way to replace old grass and put in new without tearing up your entire yard.
It will thicken up your thin grass, fill in those embarrassing bare spots. and improve your lawn's color. You can also introduce better genetics of grass into your yard.
Introducing new and stronger varieties of grass will help it withstand heat, insects, drought, and diseases. Plus, your lawn will never have looked better!

Plants For Gardeners With Black Thumbs

Kris Kessler

The Best Plants for Your Garden:


So…you want to plant a flower garden, maybe a decorative flower bed or something of the sort. If you are at all like me, your first impulse will be to go to a nearby nursery, stroll the aisles and grab anything that catches your eye (orchids, maidenhair ferns, azaleas….). Then you go home, get your flowers planted and whoosh, they’re dead. You just spent a lot of money and now your flowers succumbed to Congo Spotted Jungle Rot, or something of the sort. Well I am going to save you a lot of hassle and tell you the best plants I know of that are fairly hardy and that won’t die on you. Unless, that is, you do something terribly horrible, and I have faith in you that you won’t.


Double Knockout Rose:

These are quite hardy and also very beautiful. Unlike regular roses, they are remarkably simple and require very little effort on your part.

Knockout Rose

Knockout Rose





I love these. Daylilies are some of my favorites, and they pretty much look good anywhere. They are able to tolerate both drought and frost, which as you know, is absolutely essential in our Kansas climate.



These will add something special to your garden. They come in plenty of different colors and varieties. Bonus: they attract butterflies!

Purple Saliva

Purple Saliva




Hydrangeas are lovely, old-fashioned beauties that look well anywhere. They require some attention, but will reward you with beautiful blooms.



Very hardy plants that are also quite attractive; with pink frilled flowers and, in many varieties, a sweet spicy scent.






There are just a few for starters! Have fun gardening!


Maplewood Lawn & Landscape

The Benefits of Landscaping (Trust me, there's a lot)

Kris Kessler

The Benefits of Landscaping
I’m going to point out something completely obvious to you: landscaping makes your lawn 100% more attractive. No one can deny it, and the statistics even show that having landscaping around your house can improve its value immensely.
Some landscaping ideas and their pluses include:
Outdoor lighting.
 -not only does it highlight your beautiful home, but it also protects against slips and falls AND discourages burglaries.
-Keeps visitors off your grass, and prevents your grass from being worn down by people tromping across your yard. Also, it put out a welcoming look- a bit like a red carpet being laid down for your guests.
Fire pits and paved areas-
Now here is a way to relax in style. You can have your supper outside without many of the annoyances that eating outside usually has. No chiggers, for instance. And you can sit cozily around the fire, singing and telling stories until the wee hours. Comfortable and useful. Now who’s winning? 
 Retaining walls-
Retaining walls prevent erosion and do away with the eyesore of having huge piles of dirt around your house. 

Flower beds-

Good grief, I don’t think that I have to explain this one. Flowers are wonderful, beds are marvelous and together they are unbeatable.

Maplewood Lawn & Landscape

*making your day since 2004*

A flower  bed  :)

A flower bed  :)

A job done by Maplewood

A job done by Maplewood


Kris Kessler


Sure, you could haul out that old push mower, and mow your lawn with that, but is that really what you want to do? Equipment costs can get very expensive, as a mower needs tons of upkeep (trust us. We know.)  Is it worth it to spend thousands a year on keeping your personal lawn equipment up to date? Just for example- you need to sharpen the blades, buy gas, change the oil, do mechanical work, and a whole lot of other expenses that make me sad to write about.


Our lawn care guys mow- well, a lot. Thousands and thousands of yards a year. They know better than anyone how much the grass should be mowed, at what height it looks the best, and what those ruts in your yard are from (mowing too many times in the same direction, instead of rotating the stripe’s direction every time).  They can see that you have a weed type growing and report it to our spraying specialist, who can then talk to you about those dandelions in your yard.



There is a quote- “It’s not about ‘having’ time. It’s about making time.”  Just take a little time to think about all the hours you have spent mowing your lawn. Probably hundreds of hours, right? Hundreds of hours when you could have been playing with your grandkids, reading good books, eating peppermint ice cream (try it sometime. Scrummylumptious.), camping in the mountains, rebuilding an old car, road-tripping with friends, and generally enjoying yourself and making memories. It’s not too late to MAKE some time for yourself and spend that time doing things you actually enjoy.

Yours through good grass and bad,



p.s. The best place to get peppermint ice cream is at Dairy Queen. However, alas and alack, they only make it doing the holiday season. I’m thinking of taking up a petition to have them make it all year round……..


Kris Kessler

Summertime! It's time to pull out the camping chairs, make the slushes, and have the whole neighborhood over for a big barbecue on your lawn, which of course is soft, velvety, and emerald green. Or not. Because this summer is looking like it's going to be very hot and dry, and your lawn is going to need a lot of water to make it through the summer and still look nice. Of course, as with everything, there is more than one solution. You could go water by hand out in the scorching heat, but that's no fun. Would you enjoy watering by hand in 100% humidity? No. Would your doctor approve of you possibly getting sunstroke and collapsing in the heat? No. Would your lawn take to being watered by hand? No. 
 Watering by hand can be risky, because no matter how hard you try, you tend to water unevenly. There will be spongy, boggy places with an overflow of water, and places where you did not water enough. 
 Another problem is water wasting (and we all know how expensive water is these days). With an irrigation system, you can set the timer for a certain amount of watering each day/week. YOu can adjust the irrigation system so that it avoids putting unnecessary water on sidewalks and driveways. We all love our concrete, but it doesn't need water.
 Also, you save a lot of time by letting us take care of your lawn. You could simply be relaxing on the weekend with an icy lemonade, while your lawn waters itself. Really, how could you resist? :) 

P.S.  SPECIAL OFFER! If you sign up for our newsletter, you will get special offers at least once a week!

P.S. 2   I know some realllly good slush/lemonade recipes. I'm willing to share! :)


Kris Kessler

 One evening you go out to look at your trees and- oh no! You’ve been invaded by the pod people! There are little brown sacks with worms in them ALL OVER YOUR TREES! But a second look (and maybe a little help from Google) proves that those brown sacks are actually called bagworms, and though they may not be from outer space, they certainly are dangerous for your trees.

From the looks of it, this is going to be a really bad year for bagworms. Ever wonder why your tree gets a brownish color and loses a great percentage of their leaves? Well, it’s due to this dreadful creature:

Sourced from the Internet

Sourced from the Internet


Doesn’t look so bad? Well, look at the damage it can do:

Sourced from the Internet

Sourced from the Internet

A female bagworm lays 500-1000 eggs each fall. The eggs overwinter and hatch in late May to the beginning of June. Young bagworms hatch and start eating immediately. They continue growing and eating until August, when they change into the pupal stage. Sounds rather scary, doesn't it? Thankfully there are things you can do that will help prevent the bagworms from multiplying, spreading, and finally, devouring every tree on your property.

Bagworms seem to prefer the evergreen type of trees, but they will actually eat just about any kind, even such kinds as apple, willow, and oak. They will kill a tree if you do not use preventive measures in time. Starting your treatment in June or May is a really good idea if you want to get all of the bagworms taken care of.

One way to get rid of the bagworms is to pick them off by hand and burn them. That, however, takes a lot of time and it’s not really an easy or fun past time. The other option is to get them sprayed, or spray them yourself. You can find chemicals online that might work fairly well. We have a very effective bagworm program, also. We would be happy to help you with any of your bagworm problems!

Yours through good grass and bad,


Contact us at 785-742-2882 or email us with any questions or concerns at



I am sorry that we could not use any of our own pictures for this article, but due to the effectiveness of our program, we have no pictures of bagwormy trees. All of our trees are clean and disease-free. :)


Diary of a Lawn Care Business

Kris Kessler

You may think that a lawn care business is very simple, and all we do is mow lawns. Granted, we do a lot of that -the lawn crews would say so anyway- but behind our simple exterior is a thousand other things that we do each day.

 What our business does besides mowing lawns- we spray for bugs, weeds, and other general nuisances. Having your lawn sprayed is an essential part of making your lawn look nice. 

In the winter, we do snow removal. Imagine looking out your window during a stormy winter night and viewing a de-iced sidewalk, clean swept driveway, and neatly shoveled walks. You no longer have to creep miserably out of bed into the freezing cold to clean off the driveway. We will do it for you!

We do landscaping. We labor to find just the right place for that bush, the right kind of tree to frame your picture window, the best type of grass to go near that bench. We also do elaborate stone walk ways and retaining walls.

We mulch flower beds and plant flowers, do sod, seeding, overseeding, and lawn irrigation. Basically, if you want something done, we will our best to provide the kind of service you want. We will not do anything involving sewers. Thank you.

Yours through good grass and bad,