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Diary of a Lawn Care Business

Kris Kessler


You may think that a lawn care business is very simple, and all we do is mow lawns. Granted, we do a lot of that -the lawn crews would say so anyway- but behind our simple exterior is a thousand other things that we do each day.

 What our business does besides mowing lawns- we spray for bugs, weeds, and other general nuisances. Having your lawn sprayed is an essential part of making your lawn look nice. 

In the winter, we do snow removal. Imagine looking out your window during a stormy winter night and viewing a de-iced sidewalk, clean swept driveway, and neatly shoveled walks. You no longer have to creep miserably out of bed into the freezing cold to clean the driveway. We will do it for you!

We do landscaping. We labor to find just the right place for that bush, the right kind of tree to frame your picture window, the best type of grass to go near that bench. We also do elaborate stone walk ways and retaining walls.

We mulch flower beds and plant flowers, do sod, seeding, overseeding, and lawn irrigation. Basically, if you want something done, we will our best to provide the kind of service you want. We will not do anything involving sewers. Thank you.

Yours through good grass and bad,